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Emergency Response

5Star Urgent Responder
Walmart Pharmacy, 1730 E. Jackson, Macomb, IL 61455 / 800-650-5921

GreatCall® is powered by one of the nation’s largest and most dependable wireless networks, which sells a compact GPS-enabled cell phone type response system, which attaches to your keychain, purse, backpack or other items. Simply press the button anytime you need help and you’re connected to 5Star or to 9-1-1 directly. FREE LiveNurse service is included with 5Star.

McDonough District Hospital CST Personal Emergency Response System
525 East Grant Street, Macomb, IL 61455 / 309-836-1656

Phillips Lifeline offers advanced alert and monitoring systems to help seniors remain independent, including go-anywhere protection of GoSafe and automatic fall detection of AutoAlert.

Medical Alert System
CVS Pharmacy / 800-283-2300

Personal 24/7 emergency response system that is accessible throughout one’s home via a wireless 2-way speaker system and a waterproof, and impact resistant pendant or wristband. Order by phone or online. No initial equipment cost; monthly fee required. Available in 140 languages.

OSF Personal Response System / 800-267-4794
OSF Home Care Services / 309-344-9700
3405 N. Seminary St., Galesburg, IL 61401

OSF’s Personal Response Systems offers a personal monitor 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week at the push of a button. It offers new, innovative technologies for advanced telecare, including: remote medication dispensing, fall detection and state-of-the-art monitoring. The system can monitor medication compliance and physical activity and will automatically self-test all components every 24-hours.

Safe Return Medic Alert
Central Illinois Alzheimer’s Association / 309-681-1100
606 W. Glen Ave. Peoria, IL 61614 / 800-272-3900

Nationwide identification, support and enrollment program that provides assistance when someone with Alzheimer's or a related dementia wanders and becomes lost. If an enrollee is missing, one phone call immediately activates a community to help reunite the lost person with his or her caregiver.